Welcome to the phyphox editor. If you are here for the first time, you should check out our introduction here.

Update 17 June 2019

There have been a lot of changes for phyphox version 1.1.0 which introduces file format 1.7. Also, we (that is mostly Paul Surrey) have created a new way to arrange analysis modules.

Note: While there have been many changes to the editor, not all new features of phyphox work in the editor like named colors or multi-data plots with individual colors. Also, while the editor can store the arangement of analysis modules, the experiments shipped with phyphox have not been created with the editor, so loading them will lead to a rather messy arrangement.

So, if you have trouble with a specific experiment or find a bug (there will be some), please write us an email or get in touch with us on our forums. Finally, for some functions you will have to work with the raw experiment files in a text editor as they cannot be represented by the editor (for example connecting multiple outputs to a single input).

So, here are the changes:

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