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Full Version: GPS and Accelleration logger - data saved on app/ crash power loss
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Good morning

I am very new to this app, I want to set up a mobile phone to log accelleration and GPS location for 5 days, the mobile will have a power pack attached to give it enough juice to run for 5 days

Apologies for asking for a 101 but how do I set up Phyphox to log the two streams of data to an internal SD card in a way such that if the data logging was interrupted due to a software or hardware error it would be preserved.

This is an idea to grab an igNobel Prize so your name could be up there in lights. For obvious reasons I don't want to let the cat out of the bag so no more clues.

Many thanks

Dr John C Bullas
Tarmac Doctor
Dear John,

in “simple experiments” via (+) different sensor inputs could be combined. The data is just kept in main memory at the moment, so there is currently no way to save it on (S)SD.

Best, send us an e-mail to contact(at) with some more details on your project so that we could check if there is any way to support it.

Best regards,