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Full Version: Malus’ law using SensorTag
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It is more of an offset rather than a cut-off, isn't it? I have briefly discussed with Sebastian about it: it might also be some non linearity that “shifts” the fit or some relic of the algorithm for the sensor output data.

Anyway, I am pretty impressed from the result. I would like to share this on Twitter tomorrow morning, same on Facebook a bit latter so that it does not lose attenuation due to some other … announcement. Wink
Hello Jens.
What I see on the measurement done by smartphone it is a negative shift with a clear cutoff of the signal at zero level... I do not see a notable non-linearity... There is no distortion on the measurements done by Sensor Tag. Cool
It cannot go below zero, can it? Perhaps the word “cutoff” gets lost in translation: I would not put it that way in German… Wink

Thanks for checking.
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