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Full Version: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
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Some tests of the phyphox graphs... Do not use the editor with the attached phyphox file, download it directly. Modifications are welcome! Cool
Very cool, thanks a lot. I think I will share this on our social media channels shortly...
Cool  New version "sss": snow-star-salut is ready for you. It is not just a mathematical exercise, the animation is controlled by x and z components of the smartphone acceleration sensor. A sound of the fireworks, which is started by a rapid inclination of the smartphone to its horizontal position, is added also (the white noise of the recent phyphox generator). The phyphox Christmas greeting card is not yet perfect. I wonder if I have to define some containers static="true"... Try to make it better or create something else. Your are welcome! Maybe some music? or a nice icon? Please do not use other sensors, the accelerometer is the only which I have in my samsung..

With Brest wishes! Heart
A new version of the phyphox Christmas card. Try to draw your Christmas tree by inclinations of your phone. I could do only this. Somebody may do the program better.

Ok, I have no idea what's going on, however, my imagination tells me: a small tree with a YUGE star… Wink

Bonne année, Mikhail, and all the Brest wishes !