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Full Version: Acoustic stopwatch for Millikan experiment
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We are still using Millikan experiment with spontaneously charged oil drops to determine the electron charge e. This modification of the acoustic stopwatch can be useful to carry on the experiment easier and get the results immediately.
The Millikan stopwatch works only with Android phones... What should be changed to make it working with iOS ?

When it is working it is highly appreciated by students Smile  . So some modifications can be done. For example, how to make calculations only when the time counting is finished ?

With Brest wishes
The .phyphox file fails on load with your representation of floating point numbers. Could you try 10^–XX rather than e–XX…
Sebastian has fixed the parser bug that caused this…
I didn't understand how to write 2.061e-10 with 10^-10, but I have simplified equations excluding eXX. Hopefully this version will not be rejected by iOS..
I have fixed it that way:
<formula formula="sqrt(9.71*10^-12/[1])*1e6">
<formula formula="[3]*0.001*(1/[1]+1/[2])*sqrt(0.001/[1])/[4]/(1.6*10^-19)">
The parser errors only occurred there.

Your new experiment loads also fine now. Smile