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Full Version: Display bug on iOS
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I am currently working on making simple games using Phyphox, including a game to discover the gyroscope, in which the player has to reach a value of around 4rad/s during 2s, so they get a secret code. The game is working fine, except for display problem on iOS. I added straight red lines to the graph, so the player can easily see when they are between 3 and 4 rad/s. However, those lines are not shown on iPhones. Do you know how to solve this? (Sorry for the text in French in the screenshots)

[Image: android.jpg]

[Image: ios.png]

Thank you!

Took me a while to spot the problem:
You are using the "add" module with only a single input, which usually does not make much sense. Yes, it is allowed according to our documentation (I had to check myself what is supposed to happen in this case) and it should indeed behave like the Android version does by simply sending the input to the output as nothing is added. I have to check why this is not working on iOS and will fix it for the next update.

However, since you just do this to append data to another buffer, I would recommend using "append" instead as that is what "append" is for - just replace the first three "add" tags with "append" and it should be working fine. As a bonus, it makes clearer what is supposed to happen Wink
Thank you Sebastian, everything is working perfectly now!