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Full Version: Magnetic-field-Measurement
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Hello guys,

i'm from germany and at the momemt i am working with the experiment "Magnetic-field-Measurement". I'm wondering about the x y and z axis. What ist the message of them. My solution always is 50 Mikro-tesla that is sth what i understand however why are the solution from the axis sometimes negativ.

Quik reponse please.

Have a nice evening!
Dear Alex,

the magnetic field is represented by vectors, quantities with a value and a direction. In smart devices these are split up in their spatial components with respect to a certain coordinate system. You could find the direction of its axes at

If you get negative values for any of these components, it means that the magnetic field (partly) points into the opposite direction. Best this could be seen if you turn your smart device such that the x- and z-compenents vanish. If you measure a positive value for the y-component, the magnetic field points along the y-axis into the direction of your front camera. If you flip your smart device, the magnetic field points along the negative y-axis into the direction away from your front camera (or to the home button if it existed).