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Full Version: Magnetometer : curious measures
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Hello and felicitation for Phyphox. Il have several questions for the magnetometer : how does-it react in front of a source of electricity, for instance the electricity panel of a simple house. According to my experience, il can relevant 80 ut, wich is imopssible. Two, ve have made this experiment : walking and note the variation of the terrestrial magnetic field. We were very far from any consytruction, electricity ligns, etc., when a military plane arrived : suddenly, the magnetometer show a very brief impulsion of 1 tesla. Then, my friend (he lives near an military airport) leaves i, his garden the magnetometer aware of any electicity and magnetic source, for one hour, and enregistrate the results : except the magnetic field of earth, there were numerus peaks of 80ut,700ut, etc ? Is that mean we have erratic magnetic fields nearby this airport? Best wishes, Pier. Huh