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Full Version: Rotation with gyroscope
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Children don't understand much rotation speeds in rad/s in the raw data of the gyroscope. So I add "turns" where they can see a number of turns (signed - positive left and negative right and absolute). The smartphone should be kept horizontally while turning Angel ...
The example shows 3 turns left and then 1 turn right.
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I experience some flickering, apparently when “Turns around z” and “Absolute turns” are different. Please find attached a screenshot on an iPhone.

“Absolute turns” typically and almost immediately shows a reasonable value again (of about 6 here). The scale of the vertical axis also frequently jumps to four digit values, however, I could not catch it in a picture.
Thouse iPhones ...
Anyway the program should be rectified even for Android phones. The published version is the first approach to an urgent request.

Possibly a different handling of buffers in the views. I have not yet found time to check your code on that…