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Full Version: Iphone 11 and Proximity stopwatch
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Hello Everibody,
I'm try to use the proximity stopwatch, but with my iPhone11 it seems it does'nt work properly. I run the proximity stopwatch app but, even if with my hand i pass over the sensor phyphox gives me no number at all!!! I used the Ez-Lab app to check the integrity of my sensor and it seems ok, but no data is acquired by phyphox. I see for a very quick time appearing some numbers that do not remail fixed in the 5 positions of the "series" Option, but no data acquired. Is it an app problem with iOS? Any solution to this issue?
Hi Donato,

same here with my 11pro, however, I have attributed it to “some issue” with the front cover so far as it flawlessly works with my 1st gen SE…

We'll have a closer look…

Thanks for reporting.
Apparently some weird bug(s)… we have put it on our list for the next release.

I could “fix” it on my 11pro with: tap play, turn to landscape mode, turn back to portrait mode, and tap reset. The proximity sensor gets triggered then, noticeable by it turning off the display.