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Full Version: Incorrect "acceleration without g" on some smartphones
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Dear all,

it appears that on some smartphones (I know of a Galaxy S20 and a Motorola Moto G5), displayed values of "acceleartion without g" are incorrect: For example, a short acceleration in z-direction is not displayed as a monophasic pulse as it should be, but rather as a biphasic pulse (i. e. approximately the first derivative of the correct acceleration, but not scaled accordingly). This error does not occur when using "acceleration with g".

Is there a known solution for this problem (some smartphone settings) or am I getting something wrong?


to my opinion the "acceleration without g" should not be used at all for physical experiments because it is a result of the smartphone "black box" calculations of the true "acceleration with g" and the gyroscope... There is no sensor "acceleration without g".
The effect has occurred in an elevator with the “acceleration (without g)” experiment. This runs at highest rate in contrast to the “elevator” experiment itself asking for 25 Hz.

Should anyone observe something similar, please leave a post here.