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Full Version: Can anyone tell me If I can buy a UV light that is invisible to the naked eye?
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Essentially I want to buy a UV light that doesn't have that annoying blue glow, I just want the UV light that is invisible to the naked eye like infrared light. I read a bit about it and from what I read what I'm looking for is possible. A lens that filtered out the blue/violet light out of a black light would also be fine. Looking for leads.
Why I want one?
Science experiment... related reasons.  

I know they are dangerous, I will be taking all necessary precautions so no need to worry! Just looking for how to go about sourcing such a light/ filter lens. 

First time using this forum, hope I'm in the right spot. 

- David
Your question is rather far off smartphone experiments (phyphox has no camera support yet and even if: the optics filter most of UV), so I doubt that we could help you.

You know, “no need to worry” typically has the exact opposite effect… Wink