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Full Version: Live data saving to permanent memory
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we world like to launch a stratospheric ballon and send a mobile phone with phyphox along to measure the magnetic field (and maybe gps and pressure as well). However the phone might freeze up during the flight. Is there a way to save the data to permanent memory during the measurement (i.e. without hitting save afterwards)?

With kind regards
          Tobias Ziegler
The short answer is no, unfortunately, and there are no corresponding plans for the time being. If you could keep a connection to the balloon somehow, might help you to transmit the data in real time. Alternatively, use a microcontroller to collect the data – either from phyphox or from separate sensors.
Thank you for the reply. Would some trick work where another app (notepad or so) requests the data live and saves it? Maybe the other app could simulate another phone?

With kind regards
I doubt it: smartphones are typically pretty bad at multitasking – and the OS is pretty restrictive on what is allowed to run in the background. A microcontroller powered by the smartphone's battery is still the best guess, I suppose…
Can I suggest a quick and dirty workaround: what if phyphox coule save screenshots every 30 seconds or so? Other apps are prohibited from doing that but if phyphox did it itself that would be possible. And it would work for all experiments.