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Full Version: How to set up phyphox experiment remote protected by proxy
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I have the ability to get access to experimental data of the phyphox app via remote access.

I tested it with my private laptop and it worked easily.

When I have Cisco VPN in-between it does not work.

Is there a way, to configure the connection somehow, so that it will work?

I used this to get it work with python.

Do you use a full or a split tunnel?

IP addresses are not the best resource locators in this case, network address translation (NAT) and such…
I think it is a full tunnel.

Is there any workaround? I have to be connected to the VPN, so is there a workaround to access the data from the phone app withthout registering the device in the vpn via client certicicate?

SSH or access the Phone via its global IP, when connected to the internet (I know, this would mean traffic costs..)

If your smartphone would have got a global IP, there should not be any problem: routing would do its job…

If the IP falls into – (Class C), – (Class B), and – (Class A), it is a private IP address. Then you need to consult the VPN documentation if there is any way to access these from the outside and your computer, respectively.