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Full Version: phyphox arduino channel limit
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I'm messing around with the Arduino BLE implementation.
Now I'm going further and recognizing, that the limit of channels that can be used in the write function is 5, as also mentioned in the readme file.
Is there a reason for the limit and is there a way to go around it?
Reason: I'm working on light gates that communicate via BLE and there are a lot of "delta t's" to analyze.
The (historic) size of the data part in a BLE package is 20 bytes, with 4-byte floats that's 5. Perhaps Dominik could help you out…

as Jens already mentioned, the package size is 20 bytes (BLE 4.0). Are you using an esp32? If yes you can check out this thread:

There is an small example which uses the data length extension feature for BLE 4.2. Unfortunately, this is not supported by the firmware of the Arduino Nano Family Boards. I also created the experiment in another task due to the bad memory usage in our library right now. I hope we can address this topic soon to get rid of this construction=).

Thanks for the answers.
The variant worked for me.