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Full Version: select several sensors simultaneously with smart phone GUI
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I would like to record GPS data and align them with acceleration, air pressure and others. Basically I would like to record any combination of sensors of my smart phone. Of course the samples for different sensors would in general not be taken at the same time stamps.
The XML format looks as if that is possible, like the sample below from
But in the smart phone GUI I can only select one sensor group. Or should I have read some more manuals?

<phyphox version="1.0">
        <sensor type="pressure">
            <output component="x">Pressure</output>
        <sensor type="accelerometer" average="true" rate="0.5">
            <output component="x">AccX</output>
            <output component="y">AccY</output>
            <output component="z">AccZ</output>
            <output component="t">AccT</output>
        <audio rate="48000">
Browsing other parts of the forum, I found out:
- click the "+" sign in the bottom right corner
- select "new simple experiment"
- here one can select sensors as desired
The data are stored in different files with different time stamps.
You can even give a name to your selection which appears in "your simple experiments".
So everything is finde for me, maybe better read the manual first :-)

creating a new experiment in phyphox itself is very limited. Do you know about the phyphox web-editor? To use all available features, you would need to write the experiment directly in xml.