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Full Version: Detect when BLE connection is made (Arduino library)
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Greetings! I'm experimenting with uploading data from a lengthy Arduino experiment (up to several hours, which makes it impractical to read sample-by-sample on an iPhone because of power & auto-off considerations). Typical sample sizes will be 500 - 20000 samples, in an Arduino environment using an ESP32. I'd like to upload these samples as soon as a BLE connection is made to the device and the "run" icon is tapped. Is there a way to detect, within the provided Arduino library (great work!), when Phyphox has been activated & is ready to receive & record data? So that when the connection is made & the run icon is tapped, the data can be uploaded from the Arduino app in a burst? (The timebase in minutes is recorded as one channel of data & is used as the X axis.)

I've looked through the library code & don't see an obvious way to do this. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

thanks for bringing this up. Currently its just possible to get the current number of connections with:

uint16_t PhyphoxBLE::currentConnections

Unfortunately there is no way to "auto-start" the experiment or get information about the current state of the play-button right now. But I think this could be added relatively easily. I will talk with one of our student assistant who is already working on some updates for the library to add this feature in near future.