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Full Version: Car Crash Simulations
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Hi guys

I'm new to all of this, and would love some help

I recently got to experience a car crash simulator, and would love to find out the force of the rotations. Whether that comes up in G's, or lbs, or anything else, I'm not sure how to read these.

If I've uploaded wrong, or you need extra info, please let me know

Car was 2200lbs
6ft long
6ft high
16ft long

The gyroscope (rotation rate) gives you a … rotation rate. In order to obtain the rate around the respective current axes, you should switch to the “Absolute” tab. The numbers are given in rad/s, i.e., 6.28 (2 pi) means one revolution per second (60 rpm).

You could obtain the centrifugal (*) acceleration if you knew the distance of the smartphone to the rotation axes: centrifugal acceleration = rotation-rate × rotation-rate × distance

For a g-“force”, simply divide the centrifugal acceleration by 10…

(*) the smartphone is apparently accelerated so it is centrifugal rather than centripetal