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Full Version: Version 1.1.11: Depth Sensor gets (more) mainstream
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The beta phase of Version 1.1.11 has already started in July. Yesterday‘s update adds a huge step for the Depth Sensor support. A full list of new features and fixes is found at

Intrepid explorers please head to and push the beta to its limits.

Notable News:
  • a depth (LiDAR/ToF) sensor experiment is promoted to the default tools rather than being a hidden feature. Supports any Face-ID iPhone now. Please report back on Android devices that work,
  • option in (also new) settings to turn off the screen (should also limit touch events) if the proximity sensor is triggered (hopefully saving battery in long experiment runs),
  • option to override language settings on all platforms,
  • option to change the remote access port.
The current beta looks like a good release candidate with just a minor fix pending. Give it a try and please report back in this thread if anything does not work as expected.