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Full Version: Water rocket
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I plan building water rockets with a project class. The plan is to equip a rocket with a smartphone shoot it up into the sky and land it safely with a parachute.
It would be interesting to monitor acceleration and hight over time and calculate vertical speed.
Maybe i could use the elevator experiment but i cant test it right now because of a missing air pressure sensor. Is it possible to start the experiment with remote access and read out the data once the smartphone is back.
Sure, that should be no problem. If you lose the wifi connection, the app will still continue and you can simply reconnect to get your data. But I would not be surprised if your wifi connection works through the whole flight as the range is quite good outside.

However, you might want to use a different experiment configuration than the elevator experiment, because this one only records the z component of the acceleration. I would imagine that you would mount your phone to be launched along y, so you should either edit the elevator experiment accordingly ( or just use a simple experiment (plus button on the main screen of phyphox) that records all acceleration and pressure data.

And please make sure that your phone is safe (or expendable)!