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Full Version: Additional settings "Acoustic Stopwatch"
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If I want to use the experiments "Sequenz" and "Parallel" of "Acoustic Stopwatch" the default are 5 timeslot. It would be nice to have the option to choose how much timeslots there are. I would like to have more.

I would like to record the time for the movement of a person. The students should build a row and one person starts going with the Phyphox along the row. Everytime he passes another student the person in the row claps so phyphox recognizes the time when phyphox passes.

I think for beginners it would be a great way to analyse simple movements. But this gets more interesting the more timeslots you have. 5 is not that much.

Thank you.
Could the “Many” tab in the “Acoustic Stopwatch” experiment be a (temporary) solution? If you zoom the graph, you could obtain the height of each bar via “Pick data”.

IIRC, there have been technical reasons that restrict the experiment to five values in the “Sequence” and “Parallel” tabs. We already discussed your suggestion after reproducing with phyphox, however, put it with some restructuring work for the experiment on the (not so near) todo…

In addition, I am not so sure that the so-called data view in allows for such a flexible list view at the moment.
Hi Jens,

thank you very much for the fast work around. I'll try it out.

But I know it would be more easier for my pupils, if all times could be measured from the start like in "Parallel" mode. Your current version works more like "Sequenz" mode. I know the values could be easily calculated but that takes away time for the pupils. Additions are not that fascinating for them and they are not really fast Smile
Ok, i see (and know Wink)… do they visualise it by pen and paper? Otherwise: spreadsheet FTW. Smile

(The next version is just about to be released so we have a bit of time to (re)consider your suggestion.)