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Full Version: TI SensorTag CC1350STK versus CC2650STK
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We are considering the purchase of a large number of Texas Instruments SensorTag modules to hand out to our students. From the phyphox wiki page and from this forum I understand that the CC2650STK is discontinued. But when checking suppliers I find that some have no (or very few) CC1350STK, but one has a reasonable number of CC2650STK SensorTags (at least in here in The Netherlands).

Does anyone have experience with both the CC1350STK and CC2650STK modules or made a comparison? Which would be the best option to buy, or are they more or less equivalent and should I buy whatever I can get my hands on?

From info at it looks like the CC1350STK SensorTag may have a longer range, but I cannot find details about that.

Any information much appreciated.

Kind regards,
Dear Robert,

could you directly obtain all the answers by email?