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Full Version: Elevator speed measurement problem
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We measure the speed of the elevator, but the speed comes out even if the elevator doesn't move.
This may make it difficult to know the exact height and speed.
Measuring an elevator with a speed of 90 m/min, 360 m/min came out before departure.

The measurement results in the attached file were measured in an elevator running at a speed of 90 m/min.

There is a need for improvement in this.
The results are ok und as intended™… Wink

You should check what has happened to the air pressure right at the beginning: has their been some wind or a strong airflow (from an air-condition)? After that, everything looks fine – you cannot entirely avoid the remaining tiny variations in the air pressure measurements.
It seems to me that there is something wrong with your measurement system. It's not quite clear how your pressure can go down while driving when it's going up. You might want to re-measure all the values and correct them if you are wrong. If you are fine, you should call a specialist who deals with elevators. You may have some breakdown. You may need help with that I used to work with assembling some elevator parts a long time ago. If there is a failure in the motion sensors, it could be the cause of these results.