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Full Version: Backup in case smartphone runs out of battery
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From time to time it happens the smartphone shutdown due to running out of battery Angry 
I believe that when the next time the App is started the samples previously stored in memory or in the cache are juste wiped off.
Would it be possible to keep this precious data, asking the user if he wants to save it or clean it?

I see such workflow in some Apps like editors or GPS position trackers.

Thanks in advance
Unfortunately, the measurement data during a run is kept in volatile memory (perhaps performance reasons…?) that's why it is lost if the smartphones shuts down. The infrastructure inside the app is also not (yet) ready for some kind of autosave. This certainly needs some adaptations to the phyphox file format, like separation of data from the rest.

At the moment, the best idea for (really) longterm measurements is to collect the data by the REST interface,, and store what you need on another device.
Unfortunately I can't always have a connection available. I have best to use an external battery.

Anyway I'll try this feature one day or another.

You could reduce the battery drain by utilising the “Proximity lock” setting that we have recently added. If you cover the proximity sensor, the display switches off then.