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Full Version: Fourier spectra by components
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Any possibility to visualize Fourier Spectra by components ? Not clear what is plotted ( absolute value ? mean of the 3C ? )

The absolute value of the acceleration vector’s Fourier transform is displayed. Please note that the Fourier transform is a complex number, so “FFT Mag” is the square root of (FFT(ax)×FFT(ax)* + FFT(bx)×FFT(bx)* + FFT(az)×FFT(az)*) with “*” denoting the complex conjugation of the FFT (likewise for the magnetometer).

Our experiments are open source, e.g., and could be modified. The file format is specified in, so you could also check the algorithms behind each experiment.

In order to just display one component, you could omit the other components in the “power” element in the analysis block, for instance.