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Full Version: Request data from the last X seconds.
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Hello everybody.

I come here to ask for a little help.
I'm trying to do an experiment where whenever I press a button it captures data from that moment.
My doubt is, is there any command for me to request via python for the APP to send only the data of the last two seconds, for example? Or do I have to first download the time information, do the local calculation, and send the request again?

Another doubt, is there a way I can request only the data from the buffer? To come the smallest possible file.
I'm looking for ways to make requests as few as possible and data as light as possible.

Thanks for everyone's attention!
Are you aware of the phyphox REST API,, that is used for the app's remote access feature? Possibly, it already solves your task…

The buffer names can be obtained by the experiment sources at