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Full Version: Website revamp
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We plan to reorganize our website so that it better suits your needs and you actually find things.
I would like to gather some feedback from your side – perhaps carrying your educator's hat as well as your students' hat and others that are not yet targeted. These items might give you some orientation:
  • Your/their expectations and Wishes for the phyphox website
  • What do you/they need from the website?
  • Why do you/they visit the website, what are you/they looking for?
  • What are the most important pages on the website?
  • Where do you expect help?
  • What information needs to be added or extended?
  • What keeps you away from the current website … or would attract you? Smile

I am looking forward to your replies in this thread.  Arrow
Dear Jens,

That sounds wonderful. What I miss most is a community experiment page, probably with tags.
Some wonderful experiments are hidden in the forum.
Another option would be a teacher and students view, where e.g. interactive H5P would be hosted.
Best regards Johannes