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Full Version: Deleting data no longer resets containers completly
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im currently working with my team on an Arduino programm, that can read and transfer data from the Arduino to Phyphox. 

I have an initial ID in the BLE output container, which can be read by the arduino to know, that the experiment hasnt begun yet. When beginning the experiment, this ID will be overwritten by a new one, so that the Arduino can start measuring as well. On deleting the data, the ID of the output would switch back to its initials value and signal the Arduino, that it has to reset its current measurement data and get ready for a new one. 

This Feature seems to have changed since the last update, but i cant find it directly in the patchnotes. (So maybe its my fault Big Grin). 
The inital ID will no longer show up when resetting, which leads to the Arduino not beeing able to reset its measurement as well. 

Will this be changed back or is there any other way of notifying the Arduino, that the data has been deleted?

Could you please share the sketch (if you use phyphoxBLE) or the .phyphox file, either here or by mail? It would help us to understand what exactly you are doing – and what we perhaps did break. There has been some work in the BLE field and we try to eliminate remaining differences in the behaviour on Android and iOS. BTW, what smartphone(s) have you tried?
You should consider the event characteristic (see The required update is now available in the Arduino IDE: phyphoxBLE 1.2.0 (see…