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Full Version: italian translation of gyro experiment's title is wrong
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dear all,
just to tell you that the gyroscope experiment's subtitle (that inluded within brackets) has a wrong italian translation. "freq. di rotazione" means literally "frequency of rotation" but it should be "rotation rate" instead.

In italian language, the term "frequenza" means "frequency" without any ambiguity. But, as you know, the gyro does not measure any frequency of rotation.

I would suggest to translate in "Giroscopio (Vel. di rotazione)" so it's "Vel" rather than "Freq.".

Could you please fix it?

It should be “velocità angolare” (or “vel. angolare”) then, shouldn’t it? We do not want to open the next discussion that speed and rotation won’t work combined… Wink
it's exactly the same Jens, just pick one.