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Full Version: Background noise beyond the expected limit
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I've just installed the Phyphox app on my Android smartphone intending to use it as an aid for physics experiments in the school where I teach (Italian Scientific Liceo)

First impression: it's great!

Anyway I think I've much to learn so be patient with my help request.

My idea is using the Audio Amplitude sensor to record the background noise in the classroom during my lessons and having a warning audio signal if the noise (averaged over a certain time span with length to be set as a parameter) goes over some chosen threshold (to be set as a parameter). It could be a funny way to signal my students that they must lower their voices and regain some concentration.

Is it possible with the current version?

Could this feature be implemented in future versions?

Technically, it should be possible in the current version: phyphox is rather flexible with its own file format,, and supports the features you are asking for.

Please note that the warning audio signal would be also picked up by the microphone, likely being louder than the overall noise. So you need to think about some logic that the warning is not permanent once triggered…

I think we would keep such an experiment in our wiki at User Experiments, for the time being