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Full Version: Magnetometer
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Hey all

I am doing a project for an sensor module at my university. The project entails using the magnetometer sensor to determine the change in magnetic field strength as the the temperature of the magnet changes.

The strength is supposed to increase as the temperature decreases, and decrease as the temperature increases.
What I am struggling with is to determine how to understand the measurements. 
How should I interpret the different component's readings (X, Y and Z) and how should I interpret negative readings as opposed to positive and absolute readings of the magnetic field strength?
The magnetic field is a vector field. As such, it has at each point in space a direction and a magnitude. The magnetometer provides data on the components of the field vector along its coordinate system axes. The coordinate system is the same for all sensors and you could find it at

If a component is negative, the vector points more or less in the negative direction of the corresponding axis. The absolute value is the length of the vector, the strength of the magnetic field.

You have also commented in another thread, so you are aware of the peculiarities of the magnetometer like raw vs calibrated data, aren‘t you.