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Full Version: Trying to modify "Acoustic Stopwatch" to stop times with a button press too
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I`m in the process of making m,y first own experiment for use in a class.

I am trying to modify the "Acoustic Stopwatch" Experiment to only count the first sound as a signat and have the rest of the time mesurements by a button (first a Sound to sync all the phones and then to measure something with a group of people).
I downloaded the file from the editor to change things in Visual Studio ( I havent done much visual Programming, so the online Editor kind of confuses me.

I am confused by how to get right time values into the Buffers for times t1-t5. I tried just setting the first one with

<button label="Stop!">

But that button doesnt Seem to Stop the count or to save t1.

Can someone help me with this please?

If I understand the code correctly, the differentiate function is used to find spikes in the audio and those are used to calculate the times. So just reading a button press should be easier, but I cant get it to work...

Thanks for your time and have a nice day!


I managed to get a minimum working example going with just Button Presses, now I just need to get the Synchronisation via Sound on the first one going.

I attatched my MWE below in case anyone else has a simmular Problem Smile
Thanks for sharing. (Don't forget to correct for the sound propagation time… Wink)