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Full Version: problem with language version
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Hallo !
Ich habe ein Problem mit der App-Sprache die runtergeladen wurde.
Ich bin Franzose und mein iPhone ist für Französisch eingestellt.
Ich habe aber auch die Deutsch (Deutsch), die Deutsch (Schweiz), die English (England) und die Russisch Tastatur bsw Sprache eingestellt.
Alle Ich PhyPhox runtergeladen habe, habe ich die russisch Version bekommen.
Wie bring ich die weg und wie komme ich zu der französische Version ?
Wenn ich die App lösche bleibt sie nämlich im Cloud und es ist immer wieder die russische Version diie runtergeladen wird.
Danke für Ihre Hilfe
Schade das man nicht in der App die Sprache ändern kann...

I have a Problem with the App-language which was downloaded.
I'm french and my iPhone is for french settled.
I also installed several keyboards (German English and Russian)
When I downloaded the App I got the russian version.
How can I get it away and  get the french version ?
When I remove the App it stays back in the cloud and it's always the russian version that is downloaded again.
Thanks for helping
I know that the problem has been solved and that you have deleted this post, but since I have just finished my answer which might be helpful to many others, I have restored the post.

Phyphox picks the language according to the list of preferred languages in the order that is set there. So, if your phone is set to French, Russian and German (in that order), it will pick Russian because French is not yet available and Russian is set to a higher priority than German. For some strange reason, many iPhone users have Russian in that list without knowing.

To change the order of preferred languages:

[Image: attachment.php?aid=21]

By the way, on Android the language is set in the same way, although we never had a problem with wrong phone settings there.