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Full Version: Elevator bug
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Device: iPhone 6s, iOS 12.3.1 
Phyphox: 1.1.0 build 7650 File format: 1.7
User interface localization -- russian.

In the Elevator experiment, height and velocity do not calculate and do not display (height and velocity windows are empty).
Acceleration records and displays O'k.

RAW data seems to be O'k: pressure and acceleration are recorded.

When exporting data to CSV, height and velocity are just set to zero:

Time (s) "Pressure (hPa)" "Height (m)" "Time (velocity) (s)" "Velocity (m/s)"
0.000000000E0 9.790656281E2 0.000000000E0 5.181720000E-1 0.000000000E0
1.036344000E0 9.790647125E2 0.000000000E0 1.553754500E0 0.000000000E0
2.071165000E0 9.790499115E2 0.000000000E0 2.589340500E0 0.000000000E0
3.107516000E0 9.790016937E2 0.000000000E0 3.625204000E0 0.000000000E0
4.142892000E0 9.789203644E2 0.000000000E0 4.661790500E0 0.000000000E0
5.180689000E0 9.788169861E2 0.000000000E0 5.698143000E0 0.000000000E0
6.215597000E0 9.787117767E2 0.000000000E0 6.778502500E0 0.000000000E0
7.341408000E0 9.785871506E2 0.000000000E0 7.859704000E0 0.000000000E0
8.378000000E0 9.784553528E2 0.000000000E0 8.896252000E0 0.000000000E0
9.414504000E0 9.783283997E2 0.000000000E0 9.932685500E0 0.000000000E0
1.045086700E1 9.782004547E2 0.000000000E0 1.096949350E1 0.000000000E0
1.148812000E1 9.780780792E2 0.000000000E0 1.200612900E1 0.000000000E0
1.252413800E1 9.779764557E2 0.000000000E0 1.304261100E1 0.000000000E0
1.356108400E1 9.779006958E2 0.000000000E0 "" ""

Restarting device (switch off and then boot on), deleting and re-installation the app does not help.
I have to admit that I am a bit ashamed that we did not find this in our tests before release and a bit surprised that it has not been reported before. Indeed, I can reproduce the problem on an iPhone 8 and we need to fix this fast (which unfortunately still means a few days plus Apple review time). I do not yet know exactly why this happens but it seems to be a problem with the new formula-node, because the older version of the experiment still works with the new version of the app.

So, until we have fixed it, you can simply open this version in phyphox:
(Tap the link and select "open in phyphox" if you are viewing this on your phone or select "Show QR code" and scan the code from the "+" in the top right corner of the phyphox main menu.)
Sebastian Staacks
Thanx, the link works O'k
The fixed version has been submitted to Apple this morning, so if the app passes Apple's review process smoothly, an update without this problem should be in the app store at some time tomorrow.