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Full Version: Elevator experiment suggestion
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As I can see, acceleration recording in the Elevator experiment is just for fun, aceleration data isn't used.

I would suggest removing acceleration and adding average speed instead (average speed from the start of recording), because pressure fluctuations produce quite strange current speed fluctuations.  One can still use linear regression on height data to derive average speed, but it would be great to have it just on screen.

What I mean is:
[Image: 80fc3f503acb.png]

Orange line is velocity that calculates in the experiment.
Blue line is average velocity from the beginning of the recording.

P.S. True vertical velocity in the above picture supposed to be 0,375 m/s (subway escalator, 0,75 m/s linear speed, 30 degrees inclination).
Well, acceleration is not just for fun but for educational purposes. The main use of this app is physics didactics and the idea of the elevator experiment is to allow students to see how s(t), v(t) and a(t) diagrams are generated in real-time during an experience from every day life. Especially acceleration is a difficult concept for students and here they can directly relate the acceleration they feel as the elevator starts to the plot being generated in their hands.

Here you can see a typical result:

When used like this, an average is not very helpful as the measurement is supposed to be started before the elevator is moving and after it has stopped, so we would need to find the start and stop time. So, this depends on the use case.

However, you can easily adapt the experiment to your needs by using our editor. You can open the existing experiment on, delete the acceleration graph, add "value" view in "views" and add an "average" module in "analysis" to connect the speed result to the new value view. (Sorry, the initial layout on the analysis tab is a bit chaotic at the moment, because the experiments have been created before we had an editor that can arange the analysis modules.)