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Full Version: Use CPM as units for Magnetic/Acceleration Spectrum
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Hello, I would like to use CPM (counts per minutes) as a unit in the Acceleration Spectrum experiment.
The experiment has been very useful for basic vibration analysis. It is an easy way  to measure the speed of motors or other spinning equipment, but rotational speed is not measured in Hz. It would be very helpful if Phyphox was able to do the math(x60) for you by directly using CPM (Counts per Minute) or RPM (Rotations per Minute .

Here is my phone placed on the hood of my oven fan, it can measure up to 12,600 CPM this way.

It would also be useful in the Magnetic Spectrum, since it is also useful measuring electric motors.
Here is my phone using the magnetic sensor to measure a large water pump motor, it can only measure up to 3000RPM this way, but the noise is much better.

Good point, I will add a second "Peak frequency" line in the next update with the "neutral" unit "1/min". If you also want to change the x axis of the graph, you can customize the experiment for your own need with our editor ( Just let me know if you need this and require help.
Thank you, it's much appreciated.
I didn't know about the editor, time to have some fun with that this evening, it looks really cool.