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Full Version: stroboscope
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Hello. I think a stroboscope would be useful and easy to do using the camera flash led. It could be an enough accurate and a safer way to measure angular rotation speed in many cases.

Good job.
For using your smartphone as a stroboscope I suggest the Physics Toolbox app.
Is the stroboscope in the pro version of the physics toolbox? That is only available on android. For iOS "stroboscopeCamera" provides a free stroboscope.
The stroboscope has been on our todo list for a while. It should not be too hard to add it but we have not tackled it yet as its use is limited and unfortunately, the results depend strongly on the phone because there is no guarantee that the light will react as fast as needed.
If anyone wants to achove somethings similar, tasker can flash the led light according to variables, which can be set
but much simpler if all rolled in to phyphox.

Also colour changing screens , custom colour patterns and timings
and also the reverse, monitor colour changes, basically convert small area of camera to RGB value
for example to catalogue ph change of litmus paper for colourblind students.