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Full Version: Phyphox Android Source Code
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Hello, I am working in a project in my university, that needs to deeply understand the code behind phyphox using Android Studio. But the part of experiments that I'm really interested is the Accoustic Section. All of experiments related to Sound/Accoustic. I have already downloaded the open source code "phyphox-android", but I'm not finding parts of the code ( i'm searching  the Classes in Android Studio), related specifically to that experiment´s section. I understood that the Classes are related to all experiments, and not divided for each of them, but what I really need to find is parts of code related to Accoustic. Someone have already worked with that experiments before ?

Thank You.

The phyphox experiments are not hard coded, but defined in our own file format. The actual experiment definitions are in a separate repository ( which is used by both, the Android and the iOS code. Our file format is XML-based and documented in our wiki ( So, the app (i.e. the Android code you were looking at) loads these files, interprets them and does data analysis according to the configuration in the file. This way, you can change the experiments to your needs or even develop your own ones and run them on phyphox without changing the code of the app (see our experiment editor at