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Full Version: Sony Xperia X - Pressure sensor / barometer? [solved]
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searching for a smartphone, to use the Phyphox-Experimet "pressure" I came across this List of Smartphoens with barometer at
I'm not sure if all informations are correct.
I'm thinking about buying a "Sony Xperia X". It is shown in the list, but I'm not sure if it has really built in a barometer. I haven't found any informations about a barometer on sony's homepage, but somewhere else I read, that there is built in a ALPS Electric CO.HSPPAD042A pressure sensor. Huh

Does someone here use the "Sony Xperia X" with phyphox and would be so nice   Heart   to check if it has a barometer installed?
Many Thanks,
Meanwhile ther is a sensor database on

For exaple you can finde Sony Xperia X = sony / f5121 uses the following pressure sensor:
Pressure Available
Name HSPPAD042A Pressure
Range 1100 hPa
Resolution 0.010 hPa
Rate 10.0 Hz
Standard deviation 0.020 hPa