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Full Version: bluetooth mouse
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In the materials of your training session in Aachen, i've seen some bluetooth experiments that use a bluetooth mouse microsoft 3600.
Does it work only with this model of mouse ?
Do you think it is possible to use this one instead :

Thank you !
It should work with any Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) mouse. However, I am not entirely sure if the model you linked is a BLE mouse or if it uses "classic" Bluetooth instead.

Also note, that it can be a bit annoying to get it to work the first time. The problem is that many phones take over the mouse for themselves instead of allowing access to phyphox. On my Android phone, I need to pair the mouse and then disable the option to use it as a pointer device in the system settings. After this, phyphox can use the mouse. On iOS it does not work at all because the iPhone also takes over the mouse and filters all BLE communication related to input devices (in fact anything related to Human Interface Devices (HID)).
Ok, thank you !