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Full Version: Light sensor notification
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Hey guys,

I'm new here and just found out about this app when searching for a solution for a problem I've got.

I'm trying to get an old android phone I have laying around to get light sensor data and to send out a notification if the light gets to a certain threshold, in order to use it with IFTTT.

Ex: If the light gets below 40 lux -> notification. IFTTT detects app notification -> turns on yeelight.

Is it possible to do this with phyphox?

Thanks a bunch.
I have not worked with IFTTT myself, but I am quite sure that it can offer URLs through which processes can be triggered (often called web-hooks some other applications). If so, you can use our new network interface to create a phyphox configuration that does just that. Unfortunately, this is not yet part of our editor and it only has the basic documentation without any examples:

If you don't mind writing some XML and understand the documentation, you can try to create an experiment configuration that simply sends the current light level to IFTTT and set up the threshold over there. Here is an example for a much more complicated experiment that periodically sends the frequency of a pendulum to one of our servers (it is currently not active, so if you try this, it will not be able to submit):
You might be able to reduce this down to your needs. After all, you will not need any of the data analysis, but just a single buffer for the light sensor and the network connection.
Thank you Sebastian.
I've been reading all the documents you linked but that's way over my league!
I'm not really programing savvy and even though I understand some basic notions,I'm sure I couldn't get the thing to work on my lifetime.

I really appreciate you pointing me in the right direction but maybe sometime phyphox features will be upgraded and I'm able to do this more easily.