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Full Version: Recording readings from IR Sensor
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Hello guys,

my first post here so far.

I am using a Samung S9, equipped with the HRM-Sensor (pulse measuring, o2-saturation).

By accessing the the service mode i figured out that there might be some hidden potential if the signal from IR-sensor (and red) could be recorded.
Might be usefull for checking for
- surface roughness
- building a dew point meter (even there might be other ways for real electronics)
- determining of thickness of some materials (depending on IR-wavelength obsorbtion charackteristics).
- determining of thickness of some materials depending of theire reflectivitity.

As i couldn't figure out so far the infrared range, probaly something arround 900nm, there might be some possibilities for binary mixtures.

Have a nice weekend

Thanks for the suggestion, but I do not think that we can get low-level access. Even for the regular sensors we only use the API provided by Android (or iOS) which can be quite limiting compared to what the sensors actually could do.
Tasker can monitor heart rate sensor data

would be great if tasker could send data to phyphox, for proper displaying.
I have not used Tasker in ages. It sounds like it has expanded a lot. Do you know if it can supply recorded data through a web server running on the phone? We might be able to grab it from there...
Theres this

It would be good if you could start/stop experiments via tasker as well