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Full Version: GPS Recording, slide to stop?
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First let me say that this is a fantastically useful app, not just for physics, but in the math classroom as well. Thank you!

Recently, we've been using this to get raw GPS recordings. I'm familiar with the challenges of power management and keeping a GPS app running. We've successfully done long GPS recordings with your app by leaving the screen on and not otherwise using the phone. That said, sometimes you want to put the phone in your pocket with the screen on and accidental touches can background the app and/or stop the recording. Is it possible to make the pause recording button a slide to pause instead of just a tap? Also, maybe ignore all other screen taps while recording GPS?


Sorry, but I don't think that it would help much while making using phyphox more complicated. There is still the back button (which should get a confirmation dialog anyway) and on most phones a range of software buttons for "back", "home", "app switcher". Changing the behavior of the pause button would probably not help much, but might confuse many users.

However, until we finally implement a background mode, you might want to try a touch block app. There are several available which are supposed to block touch input although I would expect that their effectiveness will depend on your operating system.