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Full Version: Remote Access - app crashes ios
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I want to stream acceleration data from phyphox a Matlab project.
I activated the remote access.
I tried to get data via the Chrome and the Edge browser. The graphical interface http://192.168.XXX.XXX
works fine, but
leads to a crash in the app.
I use an iPhone 7 with the IOS13.3.1 and an iPad. The app crashes on both devices.
@Sebastian –> thanks for the great talk this week in Esslingen
Thanks, I will look into it. Did you just call the URLs like this or were there any get-paramters? I am not surprised that some crashes can be found if the request is not correct, but a error-response is of course preferable Wink
I found the problem for /control and /export requests, but could not reproduce the crash for /get. The fix for the former two will be in the next update. For /get I will need some more information.