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Full Version: How to send phyphox file from sensor ?
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Little update:
I just submitted a beta version for the next phyphox update 1.1.6 (well, it is more alpha than beta as there are not even all features for this version included), which allows opening plain text XML configurations via Bluetooth. I have not tested it, but this should be the missing part to use the most recent development version of Dominik's library.

You can join the public beta test at The Android version should be available within an hour (maybe a bit longer due to caching of the Play Store app) and the iOS version right after Apple has reviewed this version (probably tomorrow).
Hey everyone,

I just tested the alpha/beta version with iOS with the library. I figured out that i did not pushed the latest version to the online repository. I hope you haven't tried working with the library yet. However this version:

works for me on iOS + Arduino BLE 33. I think there are still some bugs with the ESP32 that I'm trying to fix today.

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