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Full Version: problem with graph
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I am learning how to use the editor. Most of the time it works great but sometimes i have some problems.
Here is an example.
In this test program, the first graph works but the second doesn't. I don't understans why.
Can you help me to understand ?
Thank you !
Hm… do I miss an attachment?
oups !

Here it is !
I would assume that the formula needs to be "10*[1_]" in order to get what you expected. You could directly compute it from x by ”10*cos([1_])“. With "10*[1]" your second graph view displays the most recent x-value for all t-values.

Quote:If only a single value from a buffer is used, it is referred to as [1], but if multiple values should be used and the calculation should be repeated for each value and output a result for each value, an underscore is added as in [2_] or [3_].
Yes, excellent !
Thank you !