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Full Version: Collect data from Iphone and sent it to Jupyter Notebook
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Hi!  Smile

First of all, I would like to thank for your work and your contribution. 

After these words, say that I am an industrial engineer and I am developing an interesting data project related to city scooters. In this project, the maximum scooter's speed would be limited thanks to iPhone sensors and Phypox, also. I want to send live data from the iPhone to a database in order to get the information from there and use it to send back to the scooter. So my questions would be:

1. The trail should be Phypox-DataBase-Code Processor-Scooter or there is another optimized way to achieve it?
2. How could I send sensor information from Phypox to the database?

Maybe it is a work that someone did and can help me or give some guidelines.

Thanks in advance community!