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Full Version: Worksheets for use in schools
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Can I ask that anyone who has written a worksheet for schools using PhyPhox in English please make it available to other users perhaps through this forum. I am trying to put together a presentation for my school colleagues/teachers to show them what can be done if they introduce PhyPhox into their lessons.
Thank you in advance.
You could find some additional information on the built-in experiments in our wiki: (there is a direct link for each in the app in the “experiment info” menu).

Many ideas and experiments within this forum still need to be referenced in the user experiments part in the wiki.

There is a worksheet generator for some (more university oriented) experiments in the German part of our site: (please note the comment on the English part:
Thank you, much appreciated.

Some worksheet have been made in English (and in French) here:

There are many articles that have been published the last couple of years proposing experiments with smartphones. Martin Monteiro from the university of Urugay keeps a reference list on the web that is worth looking at if you are interested :

Hope it helps,