HID Mouse: Illuminance vs. distance (SensorTag) Bluetooth Measure illuminance (SensorTag) as a function of the distance tracked by a mouse. last tempAll -tempAll new count dx dy t x y x2 y2 d2 d dHist RawInt e m LUX countI tmax time factor illum illumHist illum_log d_log dHist_log illumHist_log 00 dx dy t 50 01 RawInt illumHist dHist illumHist_log dHist_log LUX time y t y x x last dx tempAll tempAll count tempAll last new count 0 new x y last dy tempAll tempAll -1 -tempAll tempAll count -tempAll last new count 0 new y x x x2 y y y2 x2 y2 d2 d2 0.5 d illum count count 0 illum illumHist count 0 d dHist d d_log illum illum_log count 0 illum_log illumHist_log count 0 d_log dHist_log RawInt e e RawInt m 2 e factor factor m illum factor m LUX RawInt countI countI tmax 0 tmax countI time dHist illumHist dHist_log illumHist_log