Light intensity and orientation (accelerometers) Texas Instruments SensorTag POL Light intensity and orientation are measured using optical sensor and 3 accelerometers of CC2650 Sensor Tag by Texas Instruments. The interval between measurements is set 0.8s (default for optical sensor, otherwise peaks to 0 observed). Can be used for angular dependence of the light intensity. RawInt count time TIME AxRaw AyRaw AzRaw Ax Ay Az aX aY aZ phi PHI e m factor lux LUX 01 50 RawInt 3800 50 AxRaw AyRaw AzRaw AxRaw 0.0005985504 Ax AyRaw 0.0005985504 Ay AzRaw 0.0005985504 Az RawInt e e RawInt m 2 e factor factor m lux LUX lux LUX LUX count count time 0 time count TIME Ay Ax phi PHI phi PHI aX Ax aX aY Ay aY aZ Az aZ PHI LUX PHI LUX TIME aX aY aZ TIME LUX PHI aX aY aZ